Hawkhost – New cloud hosting /$5 /1G RAM/ 20G SSD/ 1T traffic

Hawkhost launches a new line of products: Cloud Hosting, New York data center, Enterprise Hardware, 1 Gbps bandwidth (40 Gbps of total bandwidth), pure SSD. Support: CentOS 6.9, CentOS 7.4, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 8.10, Debian 9.3, and Fedora 27. Since the Eagle host’s good credit and the price of new products is not too expensive. I would recommend it!

Official Website: www.hawkhost.com

VPS features:

RAM CPU Storage Traffic Price Click to buy
1G NYC 1G 1 Core 20G 1T $5 Click to buy
2G NYC 2G 1 Core 40G 2T $10 Click to buy
4G NYC 4G 2 Core 60G 3T $20 Click to buy
8G NYC 8G 4 Core 100G 4T $40 Click to buy
16G NYC 16G 6 Core 2000G 5T $80 Click to buy

Network test:

Hong Kong: http://hkg.hawkhost.com/100mb.zip
New York: http://nyc.hawkhost.com/100mb.zip
Dallas: http://dal.hawkhost.com/100mb.zip
Los Angeles: http://lax.hawkhost.com/100mb.zip
Singapore: http://sng.hawkhost.com/100mb.zip
Toronto: http://tor.hawkhost.com/100mb.zip
Amsterdam: http://ams.hawkhost.com/100mb.zip

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