Gcore – 3.25 Euro/KVM/512m RAM/unlimited traffic/Luxembourg/Miami

In recent years, gcorelabs has become more and more popular. Their dedicated servers, VPS, and CDN are all best-sellers. Gcorelabs’ VPS in Luxembourg and Miami, USA does not limit traffic, in 200Mbps bandwidth, based on KVM virtualization, pure SSD, starting monthly payment of 3.25 euros!

There are several optional data centers of gcorelabs VPS: Khabarovsk, Seoul (South Korea), Luxembourg, and Miami, United States.

Personal advice: If you need more traffic, choose Luxembourg and Miami data center! Support PayPal payment!

Minimum Unlimited Traffic VPS Plan

  • RAM: 512M
  • CPU: 1 core
  • Storage: 20G SSD
  • Traffic: unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 200Mbps
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Data center: Luxembourg, Miami
  • Price: 3.25 EUR/month
  • Purchase link

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