Free IP switching VPS hosting services

Today I’ll recommend those vps providers which can let you switch ip for free, eliminating the fear of ip being ban, but again, these merchants’ prices are not cheap.

1 Vultr

Official website: Vultr: High Performance SSD Cloud.

Price: The cheapest plan is 5 USD per month, with 1T traffic, 1 core 1G RAM. 2.5 USD per month plan are avaliable in a few data centers.

Advantages: new user discounts, user can customize iso, can install windows system, plenty tutorials.

Disadvantages: CPU occupancy rate is always too high, not good for building website.

2 Linode

Official Website: SSD Cloud Hosting & Linux Servers

Price: Minimum $5/months, 1T traffic, 1 core 1G RAM

Advantages: Super stability, strong configuration, great customer service.

Disadvantages: Payment must be verified by credit card. Few discount and promotions.

3. Digital Ocean

Official Website: DigitalOcean: Cloud Computing, Simplicity at Scale

Price: Minimum $5/months, 1T traffic, 1 core 1G RAM

Advantages: Official documentation is thorough. Not too many users, so the stability is good. There are always $35 voucher available all year round.

Disadvantages: the hardware configuration is poor.

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