Bluehost Tutorial 4: How to transfer domain name on Bluehost

Domain transfer is to transfer one domain name from an existing registrar to another domain registrar, and to use another domain registrar’s domain name management service. Buying Bluehost web hosting comes with a free .com domain name. Some users want to transfer Bluehost domain names, but how to do it?

Bluehost domain transfer specific steps are as follows:

1. Get the transfer code (EPP CODE) at Bluehost, and unlock the domain name. Firstly login cPanel, click “Domain Manager” and check the domain you want to transfer:

Then click “TRANSFER EPP”, it will show the EPP Code. At the same time, you also need to click “LOCK” option on the right. If it says “Your domain is currently LOCKED” then click “unlock your domain” below to unlock the domain.

2. Go to the new domain name registrar (like GoDaddy, Namecheap) to apply Domain Transfer service.

3. When BlueHost receives your transfer application, it will automatically send a confirmation email to you. If you fail to confirm within 5 days , BlueHost will cancel the transfer request.

4. The entire domain name transfer takes about 5-13 days. After transfering the domain name will appear in your new domain name registrar’s account.

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