Bandwagonhost VPS Basic Tutorial – How to choose a Linux operating system?

The first thing after buying Bandwagonhost VPS is to reinstall the operating system. Today I’ll talk about how to select the operating system.

First of all, Bandwagonhost VPS does not support Windows.

The choice of the Linux operating system has always been a problem for the beginners. In a word, my suggestion is to choose whatever OS you like.

I personally prefer Ubuntu, LTS version (of course Bandwagonhost VPS only has LTS version), select 64-bit if you can.

For beginners, it is recommended to select the default CentOS 6 system. Because the CentOS 6 system of Bandwagonhost VPS has its own BBR system. Selecting CentOS system with its own BBR can avoid the steps of compiling and installing the BBR kernel in the future.

In fact, if you just want to build VPN, any system is OK. If it is used to build a website, it depends on your personal preference.

Which is easier for beginners?

It is theoretically Ubuntu. Because Ubuntu community is relatively large, all problems can basically be found solutions on the Internet. And Ubuntu desktop version is easier to use.

Which is better for building a website?

CentOS has relatively low update frequency, versions may be more stable, and the support period is relatively long, so CentOS may be more appropriate for commercial use. In fact, Ubuntu is also a good choice.

Which is faster?


How to choose?

Finally, which one do you prefer? If it is only used for VPN, it is recommended to use the default CentOS with BBR and one-click $$, which is very convenient. If you want to play with it, my suggestion is Ubuntu. Of course, try not to install the desktop. Linux is stable for server system is mostly because it has no desktop.

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