6 Good and Cheap VPS Recommendation for WordPress with only 5 dollars per month

Today I’ll recommend 6 Good and Cheap VPS for WordPress with only 5 dollars per month. They are all well established VPS providers for you to build worpdress websites.


VPS.net is owned by UK2 Group, with the minimum $5 monthly charge, based on XEN virtualization, currently there are 13 data centers. They also have ONAPP cloud, with more than 20 data centers worldwide (such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore). Paypal payment, simple and efficient, 24/7 customer service.


Founded in 1999, completely self-built New York data center, opened Los Angeles data center in 2016. VPS are based on KVM virtualization, pure SSD hard disk, 1000M unlimited bandwidth, solusvm panel with Windows system. Users can DIY the configuration (including RAM, CPU, hard disk, IP numbers, etc.).

Official site: https://turnkeyinternet.net


Monthly charge as low as $2.25, running business for more than 9 years, high reviews old VPS vendor, six data centers, its KVM VPS support Windows system, free snapshot backup, data recovery at any time. 6 languages available in the backend.

20% off discount code:


As low as $2.5 per month, currently has 15 data centers worldwide, based on KVM virtualization, free snapshots (snapshot, one-click backup), free 50G backup space, allowing custom ISO (easy to install windows); belonging to choopa.


This dark horse in VPS business has got venture capital several times, with 9 data centers worldwide, based on KVM virtualization and pure SSD, free snapshot backup, one-click data recovery, 1000 Mbps bandwidth, unlimit traffic, support monthly, hourly charge.
Offer: , sign up via this link will get $10 account balance.


Nine data centers with KVM-based VPS (VPS for Xen virtualisation until 2017), hourly billing and support paypal.
Use coupon code: , GET FREE $ 20 account balance.

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